Delo® XLD Multigrade SAE 10W-40

  • Reduced maintenance costs Highly effective detergent additive system minimizes piston crown land deposits which can lead to damaging bore polishing. High base number minimizes corrosive wear in those areas where medium to high sulphur fuel is still encountered
  • Maximizes engine life Proven metallo-organic anti-wear additive system reduces wear in severe service by forming a protective layer on all metal contact surfaces. Wide-range SAE 10W-40 multigrade viscosity ensures reduced friction at start-up and maximum lubricity at high operating temperatures.
  • Long oil drain intervals Exceptional high temperature stability minimizes degradation that leads to sludge formation and oil thickening, and provides oil service intervals up to the maximum levels recommended for Euro II and Euro III type engines.

Delo® XLD Multigrade SAE 10W-40 is a high performance multigrade diesel engine lubricant.


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